Ingeborg Van Lotringen Shares Her Expert Beauty Secrets

Quite literally, thousands of cosmetics have passed through my hands in my near quarter-century career as a beauty journalist, a rather large chunk of them being skincare.

Those pots and vials always interested me most, for the florid promises they made and, as I learned more and more about how they worked, for what they can really do for you if you know how to choose what works and leave out what doesn’t.

I’ve just published a book, Great Skin: secrets the beauty industry doesn’t tell you (Gibson Square, £12.99) that distils the brilliant stuff I was taught by the world’s biggest skincare brains, so you can understand once and for all how to make your skin the best it can possibly be. Here, I highlight some of the most essential (sk)insights I think everyone should take to heart. They will give you skin you will be proud of –

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