Lourdes Leon Shows the Right Way to Style a Statement Skirt

An outlandish statement piece can be a styling challenge. The wrong complementary pieces can take something from attention-grabbing and tastefully wackadoodle to just plain weird. But model and all-around fashion plate Lourdes Leon has figured out how to balance out a psychedelic piece. Leon stepped out in SoHo, New York to do a bit of shopping this weekend, and put on her best statement skirt for the occasion, choosing a below-the-knee style in a colorful, psychedelic print. The pink, blue, green, and orange skirt itself was loud, Leon’s outfit as a whole wasn’t. Let us explore this mini masterclass, shall we?

Leon, who is Madonna’s daughter, styled it with sporty pieces, such as a classic black hoodie and a pair of bright blue Nike sneakers, which coordinated smartly with the skirt’s color scheme. The hoodie, in particular, made the whole look seem chill and laissez-faire—as though she just rolled out

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