Love Italian Fashion? Introducing New Digital Platform EXTRAITASTYLE

Stop what you’re doing! The Italian Trade Agency has launched an exciting new digital platform that brings the ‘bellissimo’ of Italian fashion right to your fingertips like never before.

Milan Fashion Week might have just wrapped, but while we’re all still on a high after witnessing the opulent glamour, make sure you peruse the newly-launched EXTRAITASTYLE website to discover foremost Italian designers in the fashion space.

EXTRAITASTYLE (an acronym for Extraordinary Italian Style) will celebrate the country’s finest brands, most of which are still family-owned, in the type of all-out prestige we have come to expect from the innately-stylish country and its inhabitants. The website is debuting with 80 companies, with more names set to join in the coming months too.


If you thought Instagram was your favorite portal to uncover what’s fabulous in fashion, think again. EXTRAITASTYLE will act like a one-stop-shop for the curated selection of brands

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Justin Bieber pens spiritual love note to wife Hailey on 1st wedding anniversary

Justin Bieber is honoring a very special day in his life with a spiritual post on his social media.

Addressed to his wife, Hailey Bieber, the love note was paired with a gorgeous black-and-white pic from their wedding day, celebrating the one year anniversary of that occasion.

“I am so lucky to be YOUR husband,” Bieber shared with his 148 million followers. “You teach me so much everyday and make me such a better man!”

Bieber also refers to God, saying he will do everything he can as a husband to support his wife.


“I am committed for the rest of our lives to empower you to be the woman God has called you to be,” he continued in his post on Wednesday. “My heart is to enable you to achieve all of your wildest dreams! I promise to always put you first, to lead with patience and kindness!!”

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Why Some Indian Women Still Turn to Matchmakers to Find Love

In the first two minutes of Netflix’s hit reality show “Indian Matchmaking,” Sima Taparia, a Mumbai-based matchmaker, declares, “In India, we don’t say arranged marriage. There is marriage and then love marriage.” A large majority of the country’s population that opts to be set up is a testimony to the popularity of this timeless tradition.

The eight binge-worthy episodes by Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Smriti Mundhra follows Ms. Taparia on her quest to find suitable spouses for hopeful singles of Indian descent from around the world. Reviews of the show have been polarized — sparking debates on patriarchy, colorism, gender stereotypes and regressive mentalities, and also bringing this centuries-old practice under a scanner.

Does the system have a lot of growing up to do? Ample. But does that automatically mean everyone associated with an arranged marriage is scathed, pursuing it only under pressure? Such has been the general — and

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Couple’s pandemic wedding is a parking lot promise to love and cherish, no matter what


Carrie Grace McQuaid and John Michael Simpson exchanged vows on Sunday afternoon missing some of the trappings of a traditional wedding.

The bride didn’t get a dance with her dad, nor the groom with his mother. There was no dinner banquet for 250 guests. Some loved ones had to watch via Zoom.

The whole affair took place in a parking lot.

And yet, it was the perfect start for a couple’s matrimonial adventure: proof that, even in a pandemic, love finds a way.

“Super cute. Very Carrie,” guest Judy Strickland said at the end of the ceremony, which she and most of the others in attendance watched through their windshields. “If anybody could do this, Carrie is the one who could make it happen.”

Marrying in a parking lot was not Carrie’s original plan. But it hasn’t been a good year for plans.

A proposal with lip-synched Taylor

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Ex-Porn Star Mia Khalifa Cries After Learning Lebanese Women Love Her [Watch]


  • Mia Khalifa got emotional after learning that many Lebanese women are now supporting her
  • She gained a lot of fans in her home country Lebanon due to her efforts following the Beirut explosion
  • Khalifa raised funds to benefit the Lebanese Red Cross in August

Mia Khalifa has millions of fans worldwide, but she recently got emotional after learning that she has a lot of supporters among Lebanese women.

On Monday, Khalifa shared a clip on Instagram from her interview on the “Sarde (After Dinner)” podcast. The thumbnail shows young Lebanese women and the words, “Mia Khalifa’s fans are Lebanese women.”

“I never lost touch my Lebanese roots, in fact, I feel like as I’ve gotten older and grown into myself, I’ve nurtured them more; this conversation left me feeling validated in my heritage,” she wrote in her post.

During her chat with hosts Mouin Ali Jaber and Medea

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