Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays Supplies Major Gift for Orphan Pets

RANCHO SANTA FE, Calif., Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today officially marks the kick-off of the 22nd Annual Home 4 the Holidays campaign, sponsored by Blue Buffalo. To celebrate, next week the big hearted pet food company is providing animal rescue organizations and shelters on both coasts of the country, a very special holiday gift. For the third year, Blue Buffalo, the title sponsor of the Helen Woodward Animal Center-originated campaign, will unload a massive amount of free pet food to San Diego and New York City rescues. At the same time, Naturally Fresh will also provide free pallets of their premium kitten litter.

Since its start, Home 4 the Holidays has helped place more than 17 million pets (from over 4,000 participating global rescue partners) into loving homes. The program seeks to encourage families to find their four-legged family members at a shelter, rather than a pet store or

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As France Mulls Another COVID-19 Lockdown, Dior Debuts On Tik Tok With First Major Live Paris Fashion Week Show

Guests arriving at the Dior Spring 2021 fashion show may have had a sense of dejá Vu. As the fashion flock traveled to Paris from Milan last February, Italy started locking down several regions, including the northern fashion hub town. The Paris collections kick-off when Dior shows on the second day of the calendar. Buyers and press wondered then about the fate of PFW fulfilling its scheduled nine-day affair, and many in the industry cut their trips short or canceled altogether to avoid catching the new virus.

This season, a similar sense is lurking as the French government imposed further restrictions on the countries’ hot zones, including Paris over the weekend. Major changes include bars not being open past

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BTS Should Be The Next Major Travis Scott-Style ‘Fortnite’ Concert

Last week, Fortnite joined forces with BTS, the biggest music group in the world, to debut a new choreography video within its Party Royale mode.

It was good, but it wasn’t enough.

What was made very clear from that endeavor was that if there was any group that should be given an even larger stage in Fortnite, the one Travis Scott and Marshemello got in-game with concerts on the main map, it’s BTS.

Right now there are essentially three tiers of Fortnite live events:

There are things like the BTS show, which is just a literal video playing within Fortnite like you’re watching YouTube with some bonus visual effects around it. We’ve also seen things like the Tenet trailer premiere this way before.

Next, there are “live shows” in Party Royale where an actual artist is indeed performing live, usually an EDM artist, putting on a show. Diplo

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4 Major Challenges Faced by Manufacturers and Retailers in Apparel Production

But to ensure this, there are some major challenges that both manufacturers and retailers have to face. From keeping up with the latest fashion trends to catering to the demanding consumers, from maintaining the optimum inventory levels to building a sustainable business, there are so many bottlenecks.

If ignored, they can damage the business as well as the brand name. However, there are ways through which manufacturers and retailers can overcome these challenges. One such way is to partner with apparel sourcing agents who can help in dealing with some of these problems to a great extent.

The apparel manufacturing industry is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. It is dynamic and under constant pressure as the competition is getting tougher in terms of costs, pricing, fashion trends and fulfilling the expectations of the demanding audience. Moreover, due to the presence of multiple players, manufacturers and retailers … Read More

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