High Fashion Fisherman, Hella Tall, Is Your New Male Model Obsession

A first-generation American and the child of immigrants, Tall grew up in Harlem. His unusual and all too appropriate name represents a merger of African cultures. “My mother was born and raised in Bamako, the capital of Mali in West Africa, and my father was born and raised in Thiès, Senegal,” he says. “My first name, Hella, comes from my mother’s father, Mr. Hella Diallo, and my last name, Tall, comes from my dad’s surname. I guess I was born to be a model!” Correct as that seems, he would never have entered the industry without a little help from fate. The male model was discovered two years ago while working in a Manhattan patisserie. Approached by casting director Daniel Peddle, Tall found himself faced with a decision during his shift at work: to believe the stranger who just suggested he take on one of the most competitive careers around

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The Science Femme Was Allegedly a White Male Professor Who Posed as Woman of Color and Bullied Women

“The Science Femme” claimed to be a female academic. She claimed to have upended efforts by her social justice-obsessed department to draft a statement condemning racism.

And when Twitter users accused her of racism, she claimed to be a woman of color herself—and an immigrant to boot.

But The Science Femme, who tweeted from the handle @piney_the, wasn’t any of those things, digital sleuths began alleging late last month. Instead, they claimed, “she” was Craig Chapman, a white male assistant professor of chemistry at the University of New Hampshire. The allegations, bolstered by an internal chemistry department email, would make Chapman at least the fourth white academic revealed to have posed as a person of color in recent weeks.

In three of those cases, academics are accused of shamelessly trying to further their own careers. But in Chapman’s case, Twitter users who came into contact with @piney_the say the account

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Indian Male Celebs Over 60 Who Look Incredibly Fashionable and Stylish

There is no point denying the fact that most Indian men do not age well. We lose our hair, most of our teeth start falling off, and no matter how fit we were in our 20s and 30s, we get a rather sizeable paunch when we get old. 

Having said that, not all Indian men go through such a transformation. 

Super Fashionable Men Over 60 Years Of Age© Instagram/anilskapoor

In fact, if these 9 male celebrities are anything to go by, we can safely say that if we take proper care of ourselves, and do all the right things, in a timely manner, we too can age like fine wine:

1. Chiranjeevi- 65 

Chiranjeevi© Instagram/alwaysramcharan

Yup, Chiranjeevi is 65-years-old. Now, we’re not saying that he looks 24, that would be an exaggeration, but does the man look a day older than 40? We don’t think so. 

Just look at the photo of him, next to Ram Charan.

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