How to be a “masked” beauty | Good Morning Arizona

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Have we gotten used to the masks yet? It doesn’t seem like they’ll will be going away anytime soon, and for some people the whole look has become quite the fashion statement. And, because of the masks, the focal point, no doubt, seems to be completely centered on, you guessed it, the eyes.

Masks are making a real impact on the beauty business. But, if facial coverings are here to stay, we might as well figure out how to make our eyes stand out, without spending a ton of money. So, let’s put our best face forward.

It wasn’t hard to find subjects who agreed.

“I definitely feel like most of the attention is on my eyes,” Erica Shipione tells us from a procedure room inside Arizona Facial Plastics. “It’s usually the only part of my face I put make up on anymore.”

Erica is diving

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