McLaren GT delivers out-of-this-world style and performance



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I thought a spaceship landed in my driveway last week, but it was a 2020 McLaren GT. That’s better. I have a license to operate one of those.

Low, wide and ridiculously graceful, the GT is McLaren’s “practical” car, a European-style GT in the sense that it can carry a couple off to a weekend getaway at speed, but also in comfort and style. It’s longer than McLaren’s other street cars, designed to be a daily driver — if your daily drive is from your Swiss chalet to a bank in Zurich where they know your number, not your name. GTs traditionally seat four, but there’s no rule that says they must.

McLaren’s other cars are likely to spend at least some time on the track, according to company data. The GT is for more relaxed pursuits.

2020 McLaren GT (Photo:

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