Amazon’s New Launch Will Make Grocery Shopping Take Mere Seconds

If you want a glimpse into what the future of grocery shopping looks like, take a look at Amazon One, Amazon’s latest tech launch. It’s a “palm-reading biometric identification system”—aka the ability to pay for groceries with the swipe of your palm.

The new innovation was presented earlier this week at two Amazon Go convenience store locations in Seattle, according to Apple News. Essentially, the process involves signing up at a small kiosk to scan your palm, which is then matched to your credit card and cell phone number—effectively making your own hand a touchless payment method. (You can also link your “palm’s signature” to your main Amazon account to see and review your recent purchases made with… your palm.)

Of course, this fits nicely into Amazon Go’s setup, considering the concept convenience store has zero checkout counter and is remarkably seamless to navigate by design (as in, cameras

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