Beauty blogger Sali Hughes MET online troll who made life a misery

Beauty expert Sali Hughes, who posted an emotional video on Instagram last year discussing the trauma of being trolled, has revealed that she’s met one of the women who bullied her online in person. 

In September 2019, author and broadcaster Hughes, said she’d decided to stop ‘ignoring’ trolls who ‘run roughshod over my entire life’ on ‘trashing’ or ‘dragging’ sites and acknowledge how much pain they’d caused her. 

This week, in a new broadcast for Radio 4, Hughes revealed that she’d come face-to-face with one of the women who’d been in that group, known as Becky, and got the chance to ask ‘why a minority of people dedicate so much time to gleefully slating, defaming and dragging someone they follow obsessively online.’ 

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In September 2019, beauty expert Sali Hughes decided to acknowledge a group of women who’d been attacking her online on ‘trashing sites’. In a

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