How Food Series ‘Family Style’ Completed a Second Season Mid-Pandemic

“Family Style” was midway through filming its second season when the coronavirus pandemic shut down both its featured subject — restaurants — and production. With several of the planned eight episodes of the Asian-centered food show half done and some not even filmed, producers from the Stage 13 and YOMYOMF joint production had to pivot amidst a time of uncertainty. Executive producer Philip Chung remembers exactly when they made the decision to shut production down in early March. “I remember everyone on the crew all of a sudden getting the alert that Tom Hanks got coronavirus,” he told TheWrap. “That was the moment when it really home for a lot of people on the crew. We knew COVID was an issue; the NBA the night before announced they were canceling their season.” “Obviously, we’re shooting an Asian food show and that was already an issue with some of the racism

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