Opinion | Will Mormon Women Sink Trump in Arizona?

In 2016, Latter-day Saints antipathy and skepticism toward Mr. Trump gave an opening for both Evan McMullin and Gary Johnson, third-party candidates, to grab votes that would typically have gone to the Republican nominee. Sure, Mr. Trump won Utah — but with a meager 45 percent of the vote. Mitt Romney, a devout Mormon well-regarded by fellow members of the church, carried it in 2012 with over 70 percent.

Mr. Romney himself is a key to how a lot of church voters, especially women, view Mr. Trump. The resounding refrain that anyone who has ever talked to a female Mormon voter, or a female Mormon relative, has heard about Romney is that he is “such a good man.”

Mr. Romney has said he will not vote for Mr. Trump. Jeff Flake, the former Arizona senator and a fellow Mormon, has endorsed Mr. Biden.

It’s not just prominent Mormons like them

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