Know how a clothing store in Muzaffarpur revived its business after lockdown

New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: If the foundation of a business rests on traditions, good relations with the customer and the desire to do something new, then it will surely climb the ladder of success. The business may face hiccups due to external factors but if it has the trust of the customers, it will bounce back in no time. Here are some similar stories from HS Mall in Muzaffarpur. Clothing businessman Ayush Banka said, the lockdown affected his business, but customer trust, digital support and persistence turned the situation back in his favor.

Ayush said that they have been associated with the textile business for 40 years. 25 years ago, they had a clothes shop called Garib Vastralaya on Tower Chowk in Muzaffarpur. That shop was built by his father for the people of the village so that they can buy clothes at reasonable rates. He said, ‘Even

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