Hikers Find Mysterious Message on Model Boat Washed-Up on Lake Superior From 27 Years Ago

A couple discovered a model boat which had been placed on a lake 27 years ago, while they were hiking in Wisconsin last week.

Lynn BeBeau and her husband Mike were intrigued when they spotted the little boat partially buried in sand on the shore near Ashland at Apostle Islands, Lake Superior, on October 7.

Digging it out and brushing it, they were surprised to find an inscription written on the its base.

The message read: “I am traveling to the ocean. Please put me back in the water. Will you send information on your whereabouts to, Lakewood School, Room 116 & 118 5207 N. Tischer Duluth, MN 53304.”

Speaking to the news channel Michigan Live, Bebeau said she took a few photographs of the inscription and then placed the boat into the water.

“My husband and I are both adventure people,” she said.

“We just came back from a

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Mysterious ‘Biden Beauty’ Brand Wants You to ‘Beat Your Face’ and ‘Beat Trump’

A newly launched beauty brand is on a mission to increase voter turnout and get Donald Trump out of the White House.

On Wednesday, an anonymous industry insider rolled out Beauty Biden, which is described as “the most influential influencer beauty brand of the year.” Though the brand was not created by the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris campaign, all sales proceeds will reportedly go toward the Biden Victory Fund.

As of now, Beauty Biden is selling a blue beauty blender for $20.20, as well as a range of merch, including a pullover hoodie, a tote bag, an assortment of pins and stickers. Additional products are expected to drop in the upcoming weeks.

An anonymous spokesperson for Biden Beauty spoke to Fashionista about the public’s response as well as the brand’s over goal.

“We hope this brings interest to the Biden/Harris campaign and brings some inspiration into the voting process,” the spokesperson

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