Serena Williams Drops Hint Meghan Markle is Mystery Friend Behind a Beauty Tip

Serena Williams hinted Meghan Markle may be the mystery friend who recommended to her a chin mask by repeating one familiar phrase.

The tennis champion is the latest Vogue cover model and gave the magazine an interview in which she discussed the beauty treatment, saying a friend had recommended it.

While she did not directly name Meghan she hinted the person may be a particularly sensitive subject, mirroring comments made earlier this year.

Williams told Vogue: “The chin mask I can do when I drive.

“It’s a chin and jaw mask, and I’m laughing but I am very serious. It keeps your jaw and chin firm.

“A really good friend of mine told me that but I never said her name, never seen her, never heard her, don’t know her.”

The jokey denial mirrors

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Mystery of secret inscription on inside of Queen’s gold wedding ring

When it came to planning their royal wedding, Princess Elizabeth and her fiancé Prince Philip had a lot of big decisions to make.

At the time of their 1947 wedding, Britain was still recovering from the horrors of the Second World War, and King VI knew he had to be conscious about the budget for his daughter’s wedding.

Food, clothing, fuel and coal were still being rationed, and the original plan was for a budget occasion.

However the government decided Brits needed something to celebrate, so the wedding ended up being bigger.

But there was one thing they didn’t need to worry about paying for – the Queen’s wedding ring.

She wears the simple gold wedding ring with her engagement ring, which was made from her mother-in-law’s tiara

As is traditional in the royal family, her ring is made from

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What Is Biden Beauty? What to Know About the Mystery Brand’s Products and Creators

With the election quickly approaching, it’s more important than ever to register to vote if you haven’t already and create voting plans and back-up plans (you can still vote in person if your mail-in ballot arrives late or has an error, after all). It’s also a great time to donate to the political campaigns and organizations you care deeply for. To further encourage that, an anonymous group of people in the beauty industry has gathered to create a brand that revolves around an unlikely influencer: Joe Biden.

You read that correctly: Biden Beauty, a Joe Biden-themed makeup brand, debuted online on September 30. The brand is not officially tied to the Biden/Harris presidential campaign but does aim to raise money in support of it. One hundred percent of the proceeds from its first product launch will be donated to the Democratic National Committee, which aids Democratic political candidates like

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