Nasdaq Retakes the Line, My Tech-Centric Focus, Debate Watching, Mid-Cap Beauty

Want vs. need. Sometimes it can be as plain as day versus night.

We have all either raised or been an adolescent ourselves who “needs” this or that for the holidays based upon what is “cool” right now. We have all watched our favorite sports teams, “needing” a turnover, or a “double play.” Even though we know that this is just a game.

But sometimes the differences between wants and needs are less easily distinguishable. The line between what is dire necessity and truly just luxury becomes blurred. We hope and pray for a loved one to pull through not sure if it is best for them, keenly aware that we’ll do better with them existing on this side of the dirt. That’s as blurry as it gets.

Speaking broadly, I think almost all of us “want” what’s best for this nation, though over a “friendly” cup of coffee we

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