‘On the Go!’: Navigating Amazon Prime Day

The ‘Go!’ morning show team provides tips on how to make the most of Prime Day, & one morning show personality reveals why they can’t stand online shopping.

CLEVELAND — The entire 3News Go! morning show team is back for this edition of the “On the Go!” post show covering Amazon Prime Day.

Danielle Wiggins, Hollie Strano, Austin Love, Maureen Kyle, Jasmine Monroe and Dave Chudowsky provide tips on how to make the most of Prime Day and explore how the behaviors of shoppers are different this holiday season because of COVID-19.

Austin shares why the trend of digital shopping just isn’t his thing.

“I hate online shopping,” Austin declared during the show.  “It’s such a pain.” 

His comments then spark a hilarious reflection on a jean jacket and leopard print shirt. You’ll have to watch the post show embedded below to see why the team found those clothing items

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