Cam Newton is known for his fashion sense. Here’s why he uses it to express himself

“I really look forward to things that can kind of get my mind off the game of football periodically, and fashion is something that typically does that,” he said.

Newton said it also is another way for fans to identify with players, who they normally see — or sometimes have a hard time seeing — when they’re in uniforms, including helmets.

“I think for me, or us, and when I say us I mean football players, we are bottled into this kind of stereotype that we’re masked athletes and a lot of people do not understand the person underneath the helmet, so to speak,” he said. “And I’m really into fashion. I’m all for it. So, when I have my opportunity for people to see me, I just want them to be able to see my expression and to have me express myself in a way that does not require

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Cam Newton landed with the Patriots thanks to pure NFL stupidity

“There’s an aura that you get when you play as a member of the New England Patriots, and that aura can sometimes be like, grrrr, you know what I’m saying?” he remarked on Sunday, after the Patriots improved to 2-1.

The mix of cool suavity with deep-furnaced ambition has always made Newton a little misapprehended in a league suspicious of playfulness. If other teams are startled by how easily he has commandeered the stage early in this NFL season, it’s their own fault for not looking more deeply. The shock-armed Russ Wilson and Patrick Mahomes lead the pack in high-flair quarterbacking, yet, no one bears watching more than Newton, who though still early in the adaptation-phase with the Patriots has given them the explosive burst of a confetti cannon.

How do you lose a six-time Super Bowl winner in Tom Brady, and eight other players to opt-outs because of

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