The Most Beautiful Opal Jewelry For October Birthdays

Opals are some of the most unique gemstones on Earth. They range from milky white to fiery red and deep blue-green, and all have a kaleidoscope of shimmering colors within, called play-of-color. Here are some of the most incredible pieces of opal jewelry in honor of one of October’s birthstones. 

Oscar Heyman

This incredible bracelet from Oscar Heyman features museum-quality black opal in different shapes and sizes, with blue sapphires and green emeralds enhancing the play-of-color.

Oscar Heyman bracelet in platinum with 27.93 carats black opal, 10.04 carats sapphire, 9.73 carats emerald, 4.62 carats diamond, and 2.05 carats golden yellow diamond, $260,000,

John Hardy

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