2021 Ram TRX to get more than 100 optional Mopar accessories


The Ram TRX looks nuts even in stock form, but these Mopar accessories really push it over the edge.


There’s no doubt that Ram’s forthcoming Hellcat-powered TRX is going to be an utterly insane truck. Not only does it produce more than 700 horsepower, but it’s going to cost a substantial pile of cash to park one in (or more likely in front of, because it’s big) your garage.

Now, it seems likely that those who actually buy these mountains of excess will be averse to looking like total dweebs and will, therefore, probably want to accessorize their trucks. Thankfully, Mopar decided to cater to these folks early on and announced a range of 100 TRX accessories on Thursday.

The accessories on offer range from big and expensive, like the bed-mounted

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