Lebanese artists in overdrive to restore Beirut’s beauty

Lebanese stained glass artist Maya Husseini had hoped to retire after decades spent designing colourful windows, but she has been flooded with work since the blast that ripped through Beirut.

“I can’t possibly not try to restore what is gone,” said the 60-year-old woman, her bright red curly hair in a short bob.

The massive explosion at the capital’s port on August 4 killed more than 190 people and wounded thousands more as it sent lethal shockwaves pummelling through the city.

But it also ravaged dozens of Beirut’s most cherished heritage buildings.

Husseini is one of several artists slowly starting to restore artworks devastated in the disaster.

In her basement workshop on the outskirts of Beirut, she gestured at what remained of windows of a 19th-century church she had restored after the 1975-1990 civil war.

A gaping mess of mangled metal, dotted by a few surviving pieces of orange and

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