5 paint colors that will never go out of style

It’s a fun time to choose one of these trendy colors to make a statement with a powder-room update or a bold accent wall. Or, if it’s your style, go wild with the color of the year in a living area or bedroom.

But if you’re looking for an interior paint color that will transcend trends, and you don’t enjoy painting every three years to keep up with what’s in style (some of us do!), you may want to look for a classic color that will hold up better over the long haul.

“Timeless colors . . . never grow old,” says California-based color expert Jennifer Guerin. “They may be used in different ways — walls versus trim or accents — but they always stay in style.”

Beware, though, that even classic neutrals can be so overdone that they become trendy. An all-gray room, for example, could easily date to

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