A Peacoat Will Never Go Out of Style

Photo credit: Gallery Stock
Photo credit: Gallery Stock

From Marie Claire

Warm and dependable, the sturdy double-breasted peacoat isn’t just the premiere jacket choice for sailors taking to the high seas. Today, the silhouette offers a classic, fashion-forward approach for a modern woman’s wardrobe. You’ll be impressed with its ability to flatter every frame. Here, we chatted with fashion historian, Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell, about the iconic menswear jacket style that’s perfectly suited for your fall outerwear needs.

Marie Claire: What are the peacoat’s origins?

Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell: The peacoat was first worn by sailors in the 18th century; the name may come from pije, a Dutch word for a thick, coarse wool fabric that’s warm and water-resistant. The style was later adopted by the British, French, and American navies.

MC: When was the style embraced by women?

KCC: Yves Saint Laurent, one of the biggest proponents of menswear-inspired style, showed a peacoat in his line’s first

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