Donald Trump takes shot at Nancy Pelosi’s looks amid coronavirus criticism

In the midst of an hours-long Twitter tear on the “Russia Hoax,” the stimulus bill and charges of election fraud, President Trump took time out to take a shot at Nancy Pelosi’s attractiveness.

The House speaker had called Mr. Trump’s behavior a “brazen invitation” to the virus as the president was being hospitalized, prompting Mr. Trump to respond and raise the ante.

“Wear your mask in the ‘beauty’ parlor, Nancy!” Mr. Trump wrote.

The president was alluding to Mrs. Pelosi having been videotaped at a San Francisco salon that was supposed to have been closed under city law and not in a mask, to boot.

In referring to the ESalon facility, Mr. Trump used sarcastic quote marks around the word “beauty.”

Relations between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Pelosi have been frozen for

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