Trump Pennsylvania rally comes as president seeks to reset campaign

John Fritze, David Jackson, Bruce Siwy and Matthew Toth, USA TODAY
Published 3:55 p.m. MT Oct. 13, 2020 | Updated 5:57 p.m. MT Oct. 13, 2020


President Trump claimed himself cured of COVID-19 and said he is “immune” from the virus. Some medical professionals say there is no guarantee of that.


WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump made a direct appeal to suburban women during a campaign rallyin the critical battleground of Pennsylvania Tuesday as he sought to use his Supreme Court nomination to reset the trajectory of the race.  

“Do me a favor, suburban women, would you please like me?” Trump said in Johnstown, Pa., a Republican stronghold where Trump hopes to run up turnout in the Nov. 3 election. “I saved your damn neighborhood, okay?”

Trump started off almost immediately with criticism of Joe Biden, saying his Democratic opponent was “shot” and had “crushed” the

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The Pennsylvania women Trump lost

They are all nervous.

a girl posing for a photo

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Hollie Geitner fidgets with her coffee on a brisk and foggy fall morning. Joan Smeltzer shifts in her seat, adjusting her shirt as the breeze rolls through her backyard. Julie Brady smokes one last hand-rolled cigarette, playing with the case adorned with the American flag to calm her nerves.

They are all nervous because of what they are about to discuss. They haven’t really talked about it in such a public way.

“I wasn’t ready to say to anybody, even my own husband, I’m not voting for him again. But I, I obviously am saying that now,” Geitner said.

“My husband and his whole family are Trump supporters. So, I’m kind of in the minority,” Brady said.

These women voted for Donald Trump in 2016. They are part of the 50% of white women in Pennsylvania who exit polls showed helped

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Pennsylvania women receive life imprisonment for murder of 5 family members

Sept. 29 (UPI) — A Pennsylvania woman and her adult daughter were each sentenced to five-consecutive life sentences after pleading guilty to murdering five of their family members in 2019.

Shana Decree and Dominique Decree each pleaded guilty but mentally ill to first-degree murder Monday as part of a deal with prosecutors that spared them the death penalty.

“This is horrible and tragic, because I do believe the two of you have expressed remorse,” Judge Wallace Bateman Jr. said in court. “Unfortunately, that doesn’t bring them back. You can’t say, ‘sorry,’ and expect people to move on with their lives.”

Police arrested the two women in February 2019 after five people were found dead in their apartment. Among the dead were Shana Decree’s 25-year-old daughter Naa’Irah Smith, her 13-year-old son Damon Decree Jr., her 9-year-old twin nieces, Imani Allen and Erika Allen, and the twins’ mother and Shana Decree’s sister,

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Biden Opens 23-Point Lead Over Trump Among Women in Pennsylvania | America 2020

A Washington Post-ABC poll released Tuesday morning, the day of the first debate between Trump and Democratic for Joe Biden, shows the president trailing Biden among female voters by 23 percentage points, an almost insurmountable gender gap for the president as he struggles to win the battleground state.

The poll shows Biden ahead, 54% to 44%, among registered voters and up 54% to 45% among likely voters, the latter statistic being more relevant with just five weeks to go before Election day. That deficit is largely due to Biden’s 61%-38% advantage among female voters.

Trump is favored by men, 53% of whom prefer the president and 46% of whom plan to vote for Biden. Not only does Trump’s lead among men not erase his disadvantage among female voters, but women are a majority of voters. In 2016, 53% of Pennsylvania voters were women, according to exit polls – and they

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In Pennsylvania, advantage Biden with a big boost from women: POLL

Overwhelming support in Philadelphia and its suburbs lift former Vice President Joe Biden to a clear lead in crucial Pennsylvania, with backing from college-educated white people and women — notably white, moderate and suburban women — central to his advantage in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll.

President Donald Trump, for his part, is suffering attrition among his 2016 supporters; 8% of them now back Biden instead. While a small slice of the electorate, it’s a potentially important factor in a state Trump won by 44,292 votes out of nearly 6.2 million cast four years ago.

Likely voters support Biden over Trump by 54 to 45%, almost exactly matching a national ABC/Post poll released Sunday. The result includes more than a 2 to 1 Biden lead in the populous Philadelphia suburbs, home to nearly a quarter of likely voters, and close results in northeastern and western Pennsylvania, leaving only the

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