10 Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Wedding Planner

If you haven’t heard, today—October 4, 2020—is National Wedding Planner Day! And the best way to celebrate is by showing this essential vendor just how much you appreciate them. While saying thank you seems simple, expressing your gratefulness goes a long way in the eyes of a wedding planner. They go all out for your big day—now is your chance to return the favor!

What Is National Wedding Planner Day?

Wedding planners are hard at work planning, postponing, and supporting the wedding industry and their couples. On this special day, couples and fellow wedding pros are asked to support your favorite wedding planners who will be or have rocked it on a wedding day.

“The whole attitude of gratitude goes such a long way when you are helping provide a service,” wedding planner Ashley Mason of Saunter Weddings tells Brides. “When you’re providing a service for your client and they

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