John Travolta posts wedding photo in honor of late wife Kelly Preston’s birthday

John Travolta has shared a look back at a special day on what would’ve been Kelly Preston’s 58th birthday.

The “Pulp Fiction” star remembered his late wife with a picture of their wedding on Instagram, side by side with a photo of his own parents’ wedding.

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“Happy Birthday hon! I found this photo of my mom and dad‘s wedding,” he wrote. “It was nice to see ours alongside theirs. All my love, John.”

Preston died at 57 in July after a two-year bout with breast cancer, with Travolta, 66, announcing the heartbreaking news on Instagram.

“Kelly’s love and life will always be remembered,” he wrote. “I will be taking some time to be there for my children who have lost their mother, so forgive me in advance if you don’t hear from us for

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Megan Thee Stallion Posts Op-Ed: ‘Why I Speak Up for Black Women’

On the day that rapper Tory Lanez is scheduled to appear in court on charges of shooting Megan Thee Stallion, Megan has written a powerful op-ed and posted a companion video called “Why I Speak Up for Black Women” in the New York Times. In it, she briefly addresses the incident, but primarily addresses the larger theme of violence and criticism toward Black women.

Multiple dynamics have played out in the weeks since the July 12 incident, details of which have been gradually revealed, primarily by Megan — who did not initially tell police that Lanez had allegedly shot her — over a series of social media posts. “My initial silence about what happened was out of fear for myself and my friends,” she writes. “Even as a victim, I have been met with skepticism and judgment. The way people have publicly questioned and debated whether I played a role

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Justin and Hailey Bieber Celebrate Anniversary of Their Wedding Ceremony With Emotional Posts

Justin and Hailey Bieber are celebrating their love! The couple took to Instagram on Wednesday to share photos from their 2019 ceremony, which took place one year ago in South Carolina.

Justin shared a black-and-white photo of himself and his bride kissing during their nuptials.

“Hailey Bieber. I am so lucky to be YOUR husband!” Justin gushed in the caption. “You teach me so much everyday and make me such a better man! I am committed for the rest of our lives to empower you to be the woman God has called you to be!”

“My heart is to enable you to achieve all of your wildest dreams!” he continued. “I promise to always put you first, to lead with patience and kindness!! Happy anniversary my beautiful sweet girl.”

Hailey also marked the major milestone, sharing black-and-white pics of her and Justin kissing, posing together and exchanging rings. She also

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The Washington Post’s Climate Quiz is a great way to test your knowledge

All right: Time to see if you’ve been paying attention to The Washington Post coverage of the people, organizations and governments trying to mitigate climate change, found on our Climate Solutions page. If you have, this quiz should be an easy A.

1. Which major oil and gas company says it will either eliminate or offset its carbon emissions to a net zero level by 2050?

Answer: C. Under a new CEO, BP has pledged that it will invest heavily in renewable energy and, through a combination of buying carbon offsets and scaling back the amount of gas and oil it produces, will be carbon neutral by 2050.

2. There’s an unusual material showing up in fashion design houses that could help solve the problem of textile waste in landfills. What is it?

Answer: C. Increasingly, scientists are using mycelium, the threadlike vegetative roots of fungus, to create everything

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