White women must give up their power and make space for a Black woman Supreme Court justice

OPINION: White women who consider themselves allies should also consider the unfairness in Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination — and act now.

As America watched Chris Wallace moderate the presidential debate Tuesday night, front and center was the Supreme Court nomination and its impact on women’s rights and deciding the outcome of the general election.

Under the Affordable Care Act, which the Trump administration seeks to destroy, women cannot be charged more simply for their gender or a preexisting women’s health condition like pregnancy. Women’s rights, including Black women’s rights, are at stake in the selection of the next Supreme Court Justice. It is, therefore, critical for social, economic and racial representation to take center stage in the person nominated.  

White women are indebted to Black women, who deserve reciprocity in the fight for equity in all sectors of society but are being denied our turn. There have been four women

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REVIEW: The new Porsche Panamera Turbo S combines power and style

  • I spent a day testing the updated Porsche Panamera, in Turbo S trim. It’s the best Panamera I’ve ever driven.
  • My 2021 model year car had a 620-horsepower, twin-turbo V8 under the hood.
  • The interior combined sporty minimalist with effortless luxury — and some surprisingly decent cargo capacity.
  • Porsche is absolutely killing it with all its redesigned and revamped models, so I shouldn’t have been too shocked.
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I’ve never been what you might call a Porsche Panameraista. A 911-ista, to be sure. A Cayenneista, most definitely. More recently, even a Spyderista. But the Panamera has always been my least favorite Porsche, taking a back seat to even the Macan SUV.

I’m especially ambivalent about the V8-powered Pana: I’d rather have the six-banger, which has always felt lighter in my hands. Still, I approached the 2021 Panamera Turbo S — the mightiest sedan in

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The Power of Nudity and Fashion in Women

Let me start by defining nudity as it is expressed in the Merriam Webster Dictionary as being devoid of a natural or conventional covering especially not covered by clothing. The act of going nude is born out of fashion. At this point I would like to bring to the fore certain shifts from fashion to nudism. The reader before this generation entered both the jet and information age, women have been seen with creatively sown clothing of all types.

Some of which are so interesting and appealing to behold; on the other hand acceptable. It is a truism to state without equivocation that it is crave for fashion that led women to dress and appear nude. Nudism which is practiced by the female folk all over the world existed through the evolution of fashion. It is against this backdrop that intellectuals captured it as the practice of going nude especially … Read More

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