Fashion And Beauty Brands Want More Than Pretty Faces

Time was, a model could rely solely on his or her good looks.

Today, physical beauty isn’t enough. With the coronavirus pandemic pressuring budgets – production of commercials slowed to a standstill over the summer – fashion and beauty brands want engaged and engaging personalities fronting their products.

Consumers want models to be authentic, not airbrushed to perfection. Ken and Barbie-like perfect specimens need not apply. Pet causes, hobbies, interests? Bring them. Unconventional backstories get extra credit.

“Given the evolving definition, models are who we aspire to be,” said Jawahar Chirimar, president of On the Wall, and chairman of One Management. “The focus is shifting from antiquated measures like skin color and height, to social and cultural values, and content.”

With the coronavirus pandemic threatening to keep photo studios and

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