Model-approved hack prevents makeup from getting on your tops

If you’ve ever gotten makeup on your shirt while trying to put it on, In The Know has got the perfect hack for you.

Video producer Lisa Azcona tested out this model-approved hack on three different white shirts to demonstrate how effective is.

“It’s actually a backstage runway secret I learned in college when I worked behind the scenes in New York Fashion Week,” Azcona explains. “Runway models get their makeup done before getting dressed which is why models use a scarf or a piece of fabric when dressing the models into the designer outfits.”

First, Azcona does a full face of makeup. Then, she drapes a scarf over her head and face (like if you were pretending to be a ghost). Next, she pulls a blouse over her head while keeping the scarf in place. Azcona does the method with each of the three white tops, including one turtle

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