A History of Black Women Protesting in the World of Sports

I’m an athlete and I’m a Black woman, so I want to be able to be both on the court. And I think that’s the narrative that just needs to be understood.” — Renee Montgomery, point guard, Atlanta Dream

In America, Black women are critical in the fight for justice. Full stop.

This statement remains true in various spheres of influence. But as Black women have made significant acts of protest in sports, their contributions haven’t been widely acknowledged.

Harry Edwards is professor emeritus of Sociology at UC Berkeley, and author of The Revolt of the Black Athlete. As a founder of the Olympic project for Human Rights, he was behind the Black power salute at the 1968 Summer Olympic Games.

Edwards says that the contributions of Black women as activists in sports haven’t been acknowledged because of a system of misogyny and sexism.

“The problem that we have

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