Pro-Trump Group Closes Campaign by Shopping Dirt on the Lincoln Project

President Donald Trump’s official super PAC is shopping around opposition research to members of the media on the Lincoln Project, a political group founded by Never Trump Republicans who have run millions of dollars in ads this year attacking Trump and vulnerable Senate Republicans.

America First Action, an ostensibly independent outfit supporting the president’s re-election, recently circulated a memo to “interested parties” breaking down the Lincoln Project’s ad spending and the data it’s reported to the Federal Election Commission. The memo, titled “Lincoln Project discrepancies,” purports to demonstrate the exorbitantly high fees that the group’s principals have pocketed as it buys television ads through their consulting firms.

While the memo does not include sweeping condemnations of the group based on its findings, the implication is clear: that the people running the Lincoln Project are in it to enrich themselves. It’s a charge leveled at the group by a number of

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Los Angeles dismantles pro-Trump Hollywood Sign-style letters near highway

City workers in Los Angeles on Tuesday took down large white block letters spelling out “TRUMP” along the 405 Freeway.

The city acted quickly after the Hollywood sign style letters, put up by an unknown party, were first reported by drivers in the northbound lanes of the Sepulveda Pass at 6:41 a.m. Tuesday, according to local Los Angeles news station KTLA.

The traditionally liberal city promptly removed the sign, citing it as a traffic hazard as passing cars were slowing to snap photos. They also cited fire concerns since the sign was erected in a dry, bush-heavy area and they said that it needed to be removed because it was positioned on private property, KTLA reported. It’s unclear who owns the land in question.

The letters appeared to be about 10-feet-tall and were clearly visible from aerial shots shared on Twitter. They reportedly have been flattened, but not entirely removed,

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New pro-Trump super PAC of moms forms, spending $3 million to win over suburban women

A new pro-Trump super PAC will spend $3 million on a national ad campaign aiming to turn suburban women concerned about neighborhood violence into voters for President Trump.

Moms for Safe Neighborhoods is hoping the trope of the ‘soccer mom’ is replaced with the ‘safety mom’ in 2020 and is leveraging recent rioting to help Mr. Trump persuade suburban women to his column. Mothers for Safe Neighborhoods is led by Jessica Anderson, a former aide to the Trump White House and executive director of Heritage Action for America.

“Mothers for Safe Neighborhoods (MOMS) is a group of mothers horrified at the violence and see President Trump as the only candidate who can keep their families safe,” Ms. Anderson said in a statement. “While Biden and Democrats are discussing how to divert resources from the police and waiting months to call out violence, MOMS supports President Trump standing with law enforcement

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