Groom surprises husband, wedding guests with celebratory flash mob at the altar: ‘It was pure joy’

A couple in Utah is experiencing newlywed bliss and viral internet fame after a video of one of the groom’s flash mob wedding surprises made waves on social media.

a group of people in a field: A Utah man's surprise wedding flash mob went viral on social media. (Screenshot: Instagram/brocktif89)

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A Utah man’s surprise wedding flash mob went viral on social media. (Screenshot: Instagram/brocktif89)

Brock Dalgleish and Riley Barrington have been together since the day that they met in June 2018 at a pool party, sharing their first date one day later and moving in together just two months after that. “It was so fast, which is so unlike me,” Dalgleish tells Yahoo Life. But it worked.

The two quickly became serious as Barrington introduced Dalgleish to his daughter, Ebony, with ex-wife, Jenna. Dalgleish says that he and the little girl “fell in love” and the three adults have co-parented and maintained a strong friendship ever since. The men’s relationship was solidified in 2019 when they

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Cam Newton landed with the Patriots thanks to pure NFL stupidity

“There’s an aura that you get when you play as a member of the New England Patriots, and that aura can sometimes be like, grrrr, you know what I’m saying?” he remarked on Sunday, after the Patriots improved to 2-1.

The mix of cool suavity with deep-furnaced ambition has always made Newton a little misapprehended in a league suspicious of playfulness. If other teams are startled by how easily he has commandeered the stage early in this NFL season, it’s their own fault for not looking more deeply. The shock-armed Russ Wilson and Patrick Mahomes lead the pack in high-flair quarterbacking, yet, no one bears watching more than Newton, who though still early in the adaptation-phase with the Patriots has given them the explosive burst of a confetti cannon.

How do you lose a six-time Super Bowl winner in Tom Brady, and eight other players to opt-outs because of

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