Dyson air purifier recommendations and shopping guide 2020

We’ve noticed increasing interest recently in air purifiers, perhaps due to recent events like the west coast wildfires or ongoing response to Covid-19. To that end, we’ve shared some of the best air purifiers that ship within a matter of days. And with the coming winter and the continued at-home normal, air quality might be top of mind regardless. Since Dyson, a British company known for its vacuums, futuristic-looking blow dryer and cordless flat iron — not to mention its keen eye for design — is so popular among readers, we rounded up the brand’s top-rated air purifiers to give you an idea of the vast array of products they build specifically to purify air. You’ll find Dyson products from Best Buy, Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s and, of course, from Dyson directly.

Currently, Dyson offers four types of air purifiers, each one sporting air purification features as well as

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