Algeria women protest over teen’s rape and murder

Protesters in Algiers said there was a heavy police presence during their rally
Protesters in Algiers said there was a heavy police presence during their rally

Protests have been held in several cities in Algeria to demand action to stop violence against women following the rape and murder of a teenager.

The charred body of Chaïma, 19, was found in a deserted petrol station in Thenia, 80 km (50 miles) east of the capital Algiers, this month.

Her killer confessed to the crime and is under arrest, local media say.

There are also reports that the charred body of another woman was found in a forest overnight.

Women held sit-in protests in Algiers and Oran, chanting Chaïma’s first name and calling for an end to gender-based violence. Activists also took to social media with the hashtag #JeSuisChaima (I am Chaïma).

Activists say there was a heavy police presence despite the small protests.

Chaïma's body was found burnt
Chaïma’s body was found burnt

“This government offers no shelters or

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Playboy model, 34, claims police failed to investigate a chilling rape threat sent on Instagram

A Playboy model claims police failed to properly investigate a chilling rape threat against her because she works in the glamour industry. 

Germaine Love, 34, was horrified to receive a message from a man on Instagram saying: ‘I’m gonna go in your bar and drag you out by your hair, take you to a dark alley and then begin to rape you, I can’t wait to see you struggle.’ 

A shaken Ms Love, who has more than 35,000 followers on Instagram, called Cleveland Police to tell them she felt unsafe and to ask them to trace the person who left the vile threat. 

She has been in fear of attack at the cocktail bar she owns in Guisborough, North Yorkshire. 

However, she was appalled when the only response she received from police was advice to make her social media – which she uses to promote her bar and her modelling

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Opinion | Barkha Dutt: The Hathras rape and murder case reveals everything that’s rotten about India

At the capital’s Safdarjung Hospital, where I first met the victim’s family, her younger brother Sandeep told me: “We have struggled alone. My sister had just gone to fetch fodder for the cattle at home. We found her lying in a pool of blood with no clothes on.”

She fought valiantly to live. She had been lying strapped to a hospital bed for 14 days. Her limbs had been broken, and she was paralyzed. Her attackers used the scarf she was wearing to strangle her, and her tongue had been cut. The daughter of impoverished daily wagers, she was moved from town to town and from hospital to hospital. “Take me home” were her last words.

Her killing and its aftermath have shamed us into confronting all that is rotten in India’s system.

Initially, the media had mostly overlooked the horror, as it was fixated on the coverage of a

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Biden Rape Accuser Tara Reade: He Was A Hero Of Mine, He’s Like “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” | Video

Tara Reade, a former Senate staffer who earlier this year accused Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden of sexual assault, told her story on Australian television this week. Reade is one of eight women who have made similar allegations.

“He would put his hands on me… he would run his fingers under my hair… and I had never experienced that with a boss before,” she said. “It was very much him coming into a room and putting his hand on me… I was too scared to say anything… He seemed to lack boundaries.”

“He said, ‘C’mon, man! I thought you liked me!’ I could see he was angry,” she said. “He put his finger to my face and told me: You’re nothing to me. You’re nothing.”

“He’s a blue Trump,” she said. “He doesn’t deserve the presidency.”

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Protests Erupt in India Following Woman’s Death in Rape Case

(Bloomberg) — A series of rapes committed on women from India’s lowest castes are making national headlines across the South Asian nation of 1.3 billion, fueling street protests and social media outrage that’s put Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration under the spotlight.


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A 19-year-old woman from the Dalit caste — the lowest rung in Hinduism’s complex social hierarchy — died in a New Delhi hospital on Tuesday, two weeks after she was allegedly gang raped by upper caste men from her north Indian village. Her mutilated body was found by her mother in the fields of her village in Hathras, in Uttar Pradesh.

Anger was already simmering in the country over her death but it spilled onto the streets Wednesday and Thursday following news reports that local police cremated the woman’s body in the middle of the night without her family present. Network station NDTV showed her relatives

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Former Fashion Models Accuse Top Agent of Rape and Sexual Assault

Mr. Brunel has faced accusations of abuse himself: Three former models told The Guardian last year that he sexually assaulted them in the 1980s and 1990s in and around Paris. He has denied the allegations.

Ms. Le Jeune, the lawyer representing the women who claim they were assaulted by Mr. Marie, is also representing those accusing Mr. Brunel. She welcomed Monday’s announcement by the Paris prosecutors as an “encouraging first step,” though she acknowledged she was not sure it would result in prosecution.

Ms. Brinkworth is asking that her filing be accepted as a formal complaint, despite the passage of more than two decades, based on an old video. She contends it makes a direct reference to her assault by Mr. Marie, who left Elite in 2011, though the specifics of the video remain unclear.

After the episode, she was bound by a confidentiality agreement with the BBC and Elite,

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