Curbs on wedding receptions could be on way for Birmingham and Black Country

Speculation is mounting that restrictions – and possibly even a total ban – on wedding receptions could be on their way to Birmingham and the Black Country.

Local leaders have identified after-wedding parties as a problem area that is driving up cases between families and friends.

Birmingham’s council leader Cllr Ian Ward said cases transmitted through the hospitality sector – in pubs, restaurants and cafes – was minimal.

“Exposures through eating out, hospitality and entertainment account for just 2% of contacts (of positive cases),” he said on Friday.

“If there is an issue it appears to be celebrations, particularly wedding receptions, where people cannot resist the urge to congratulate the bride and groom, and when that happens and hands are shaken we see transmission of the virus.”

We understand that message has been hammered with government officials during discussions about restrictions on

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Delayed Wedding Receptions

So your little woman is getting married – congratulations! 2. Thank the guests for coming and need everyone a good time at the reception. Once more, if the bride’s parents are nonetheless together, it could be a joint reward, but if they’re divorced, the bride’s dad would give a gift on his own (or together with his new spouse if he has remarried).

Trending for weddings is an idea that has been lingering around for a couple of years, however coming full circle soon and that is Victorian-themed weddings. Yes, I’ve positively seen an enormous development towards rustic and vintage weddings this yr which I really like, as a result of I feel there must be extra of an appreciation of our previous.

A nicely-attended and beautiful celebration would be a reference level for friends and family, nevertheless, a poorly planned one would appeal to unfavorable feedback and unhappy friends. … Read More

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