Apple’s smart rings could recharge in an AirPods-style case

A future control system for Apple devices like Apple Glass could consist of finger-mounted “smart rings” with research suggesting that charging the peripherals could be accomplished with an enclosure similar to the AirPods charging case attached to a VR headset.

When devising the future of computer-human interactions, companies have many things they have to consider, ranging from the form factor to how each interaction fundamentally works, to the design and the perception of the user to others as they use it. One key area is power, one that is especially useful for wire-free hardware.

While there have been attempts to use smart rings on fingers as a way for a user to control a computer, they have typically taken the form of an actual ring, usually as a fairly large and clunky piece of hardware. Slimming down the size of the ring may make it more appealing to

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