Beacon Gallery show offers refuge with friendship, fashion, and fun

“Real F.R.I.E.N.D.S” at Beacon Gallery is a little jolt of sunshine. Jamaal Eversley, a painter and multi-media artist, called on a dozen friends to put together an exhibition about collaboration. The show, which features pieces by individual artists and collaborative works made with Eversley, is a tribute to community as a source of succor, joy, and generation. To that end, there are live painting demonstrations each week.

Eversley structures the show around his artistic avatar, called Spencer Ward, whom he refers to as “a bold nerd.” In the artist’s own works, Spencer is rendered simply, as an orange rectangle with glasses. High-keyed and graphic, Spencer always tilts, mouth agape — like the rest of us, set off kilter by the winds of change and whimsies of the heart.

"Nerd of Hearts" by Jamaal Eversley and Fernando Fula, from 2019.
“Nerd of Hearts” by Jamaal Eversley and Fernando Fula, from 2019.Jamaal Eversley and Fernando Fula/Beacon Gallery

The poppy portrait “S. Ward

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