What to Know About Wedding Registries During COVID-19

In confusing times such as these, it’s expected for couples planning a wedding to feel overwhelmed with questions. From renegotiating contracts to figuring out the safest way to move forward, the process is about solving one problem at a time. But it’s not just couples—their guests also need clarity on certain etiquette. This probably holds most true when it comes to gifts, particularly, the registry.

Since applying traditional etiquette in the current climate would be futile, we turned to experts Kelley Carter and Emily Forrest for answers to the most pressing wedding registry questions (for both couples and guests!) in the age of COVID-19.

Meet the Expert

  • Kelley Carter is the home fashion director at Bloomingdale’s. With a background in editorial, she previously held positions at O Magazine, Real Simple, and Refinery29.
  • Emily Forrest is the director of communications at Zola and has been with the company for more than
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