Why Kamala Harris’s Remarkably Unremarkable Fashion Is Revolutionary

Photo credit: Alex Wong - Getty Images
Photo credit: Alex Wong – Getty Images

From Town & Country

Kamala Harris is not afraid to make a statement—she just doesn’t do it with her clothes.

The Vice Presidential candidate arrived at last night’s debate prepared to lacerate her opponent with her notoriously incisive arguments, wearing an outfit designed to shrink into the background. Placed side-by-side onscreen—she in her black pantsuit, black shirt, pearls, and flag pin; he in his black suit, white shirt, red tie, and flag pin—Harris’s clothing almost blended into Pence’s, notable only in its somber simplicity.

Save for a few exceptions (the bedazzled rainbow jean jacket she wore to a Pride parade, for instance) Harris’s fashions seem almost designed to resist interpretation. Her blazers, pantsuits, understated pearls—yes, even her oft-noted Chuck Taylors—stare blankly back at us when we hold them up to a microscope, offering nothing but a vague, down-to-earth professionalism.

Photo credit: ERIC BARADAT - Getty Images
Photo credit: ERIC BARADAT
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