Malta Retracts Its Claim On The Shark Tooth Gifted To Prince George By Attenborough

Malta has retracted its claim on the prehistoric shark tooth given to Prince George by Sir David Attenborough at Kensington Palace last week. The legendary broadcaster presented the giant tooth to the young royal during a private viewing of his latest Netflix documentary, A Life on Our Planet, which was screened in the gardens to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children. However, on seeing the official pictures which were shared on Instagram by @kensigntonroyal, Maltese culture minister José Herrera suggested Malta might like the tooth back.

As the Independent reports, the fossilised tooth, which is thought to have belonged to an extinct species of giant shark known as the ‘Carcharocles megalodon’, was found by Attenborough during a family holiday in the late 1960s — and is believed to be around 23 million years old.

The removal of an “object of geological importance” has been banned in Malta

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