How returning to India changed the way I consume beauty

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If our skin is a reflection of our inner wellbeing, then caring for our skin should be inseparably entwined with caring for our overall health. My beauty journey began right before I moved to the United Kingdom roughly four years ago. I remember stepping into a Boots store for the first time, staring at the Elizabeth Arden aisle, attempting to make sense of what all the products do. I ended up buying an armful: a cleanser, a hydration spray, a few sheet masks, and a thick moisturising face cream.

I wasn’t certain of what I was getting into, yet the tiny progressions these products brought to my skin had me suddenly fixated on beauty and skincare. Not only did I began feeling great about my skin, but I felt more confident and optimistic from the inside as well as the outside.

Ever since that first transformative foray into the world

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