‘That is beautiful, man.’ Actor Jon Cryer thrilled to get his wedding ring back thanks to Vancouver jewelry sleuth

Standing on Vancouver’s iconic seawall, Vancouver’s iconic rain hammering down as the dark closed in, Jon Cryer was despondent.

On Friday night, the American actor had been walking to meet some castmates — he’s currently in B.C. because he’s playing Lex Luthor in the Supergirl TV series — when he pulled a hand out of his pocket and heard a tiny “ping,” he wrote in a Twitter thread that has since been shared by thousands. He walked a few more steps before he realized what had happened.

His wedding ring? Gone.

Cryer, probably best known for co-starring on Two and a Half Men, for which he won two Primetime Emmys, says he turned on the flashlight on his phone and began an ad hoc grid search of the pavement and soggy strip of grass, all the while wondering if it was possible the ring rolled right into the ocean.


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Jon Cryer Shared A Sweet Story About His Lost (And Found) Wedding Ring

The world right now is starving for nice stories. There’s a lot of very serious business afoot, from the election to the pandemic to the long-needed social justice reform proposed by the Black Lives Matter movement. And though sometimes these serious stories sometimes take bizarre and absurd turns, a brain can only take so much important stuff before it needs a break. And on Sunday, we got one, thanks to Jon Cryer.

On yet another crazy Sunday, the Two and a Half Men and John Hughes movie alum cut through the din of Twitter to share a sweet story. It began with heartbreak: He lost his wedding ring.

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Jon Cryer shares joyful story of finding his wedding ring after losing it in the rain

Jon Cryer is breathing a sigh of relief.

The “Two and a Half Men” star shared a story of losing his wedding ring on a rainy night by the water at Cooper’s Park in Vancouver and thinking it was gone for good. But there turned out to be a happy ending.

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Cryer, 55, who has been married to wife Lisa Joyner since 2007, wrote a Twitter thread on Sunday detailing the weekend of anxiety he faced before calling The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service, a group of metal detector specialists, to get help.

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Actor Jon Cryer finds lost wedding ring thanks to Vancouver jewelry sleuth

Vancouver’s Chris Turner says his passion for helping people recover lost jewlery is all about the smiles.

On Sunday, he got big one from American actor Jon Cryer.

The star, best known for his role in the sitcom Two and a Half Men, is in Vancouver filming another project and in a lengthy Twitter post that’s been shared by thousands of others, he said he lost his wedding ring while out walking along the seawall under the Cambie Street bridge Friday night near Cooper’s Park.

That’s where Turner enters the story.

The ring finder

He’s been using metal detectors since the 1970s to uncover hidden things and for the past 30 years has had a side business of helping people like Cryer.

Cryer, who was married in 2007, said he searched online for a service that could help him find the ring and found Turner’s, a global directory

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Does Prince Philip Ever Wear His Wedding Ring?

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have been married for more than 70 years. While they’ve been one of the most visible couples in the world for decades, many royal fans never noticed if Prince Philip wears his wedding ring.

Read on to find out if the Duke of Edinburgh wears his wedding band and whether or not the other princes in his family sport theirs.

Prince Philip
Prince Philip | Matt Dunham – WPA Pool / Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth always wears her ring

Prince Philip and then-Princess Elizabeth announced their engagement on July 10, 1947.

The previous year Philip’s mother, Princess Alice, knew that her son wanted to propose to Elizabeth and since their family was not financially stable she decided to give him the tiara she wore on her wedding day. This was so he could dismantle it and use the diamonds to create a ring.

The prince commissioned

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Polk woman tried to sell stolen ring back to jewelry store, police say

Amy Gehrt
| The Ledger

A 47-year-old Lake Wales woman is facing felony charges of grand theft and dealing in stolen property after she tried to sell a stolen ring back to the jewelry store from which it was taken during a July burglary, according to the Winter Haven Police Department.

Alice Lavern Henry took the ring, which was from the Simon G. collection, to Griner’s Jewelry, located at 195 Ave. A NW in Winter Haven, around 10:30 a.m. on Sept. 28, and asked a clerk if the store would be interested in buying the ring, WHPD spokesperson Jamie Brown said in a news release Monday.

The clerk asked Henry where she had gotten the ring, and Henry replied that she found it while using a metal detector to hunt for treasure on a beach in the Panhandle, Brown said. 

However, when the clerk inspected the ring, it showed none

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Watch: Lost wedding ring found after two years at Vermont reservoir

Oct. 5 (UPI) — A New Jersey man was reunited with his wedding ring two years after he lost it during a day at a reservoir in Vermont.

Lou Rider said he and his family drove from New Jersey to the Waterbury Reservoir for a Labor Day weekend family reunion in 2018, and he didn’t discover until he was in the car to drive home that his wedding ring was missing from his finger.

“We were from one end of the reservoir to the other. We were in and out of the boats, hiking through, jumping with the rocks and everything, so we were everywhere,” Rider told WVNY/WFFF.

The ring was thought to be lost forever, until Lorraine Tallcott, Rider’s aunt, was reading an online forum for residents of her area in Vermont. and saw a post that a man’s wedding ring had been found at Waterbury Reservoir.

Tallcott discovered

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The Queen never takes off her wedding ring and only Prince Philip know what the inscription says

Touching secret behind the Queen’s wedding ring: Prince Philip chose the inscription on Her Majesty’s band and no one other than couple and the jeweller know what’s engraved on the inside, royal expert reveals

  • The Queen’s wedding ring is made from Welsh gold and has an inscription 
  •  No one other than the Queen, Prince Philip and the engraver knows what it says
  •  Her engagement ring was also a gift, as Prince Philip made it from a tiara that belonged to his mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg

The Queen and Prince Philip will celebrate their 73rd wedding anniversary next month, and in the seven decades since the royal couple wed, they have kept one secret closely guarded.

Similarly to Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, Her Majesty’s wedding ring is made in Welsh gold.

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Mystery of secret inscription on inside of Queen’s gold wedding ring

When it came to planning their royal wedding, Princess Elizabeth and her fiancé Prince Philip had a lot of big decisions to make.

At the time of their 1947 wedding, Britain was still recovering from the horrors of the Second World War, and King VI knew he had to be conscious about the budget for his daughter’s wedding.

Food, clothing, fuel and coal were still being rationed, and the original plan was for a budget occasion.

However the government decided Brits needed something to celebrate, so the wedding ended up being bigger.

But there was one thing they didn’t need to worry about paying for – the Queen’s wedding ring.

She wears the simple gold wedding ring with her engagement ring, which was made from her mother-in-law’s tiara

As is traditional in the royal family, her ring is made from

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Rita Ora sparks engagement speculation with a ring on her wedding finger on night out in London

She’s been putting on a loved-up display with beau Roman Gavras throughout the summer on their sun-soaked holidays to Ibiza and Corfu.

And Rita Ora sparked engagement speculation as she stepped out wearing a ring on her wedding finger on Friday.

The Girls singer, 29, appeared to be in good spirits as she left Mexican restaurant Taqueria in Notting Hill, London, and flashed her dazzling jewel at photographers.

Happy news?  Rita Ora sparked engagement speculation as she stepped out wearing a ring on her wedding finger after dinner out in London on Friday

Rita put on a stylish display as she headed home from the evening out with her sister Elena and pals while wearing a shiny black padded jacket and soft hat.

She kept things casual with the rest of her ensemble, donning a pair of jogging bottom trousers and a jumper with a red and white pattern on

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