Nobel Prize Winners In Chemistry And Physics Discuss Shattering Gender Norm, Redefining Women’s Roles

The first Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded 119 years ago, and on Wednesday for the first time in its history, two women won without having to share the prize with a man. Their groundbreaking development may shift the perception of women in scientific roles, and continue to disrupt the centuries-old mindset that women are second to men in innovation or in any field. 

Dr. Jennifer Doudna, a biochemist at UC Berkeley and French researcher Dr. Emmanuelle Charpentier of the Max Planch Institute accepted the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for developing the CRISPR-Cas9 genetic scissors, a

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Kenyan court finds two men guilty for roles in 2013 shopping mall attack

NAIROBI (Reuters) – A Kenyan court on Wednesday found two men guilty of helping al Qaeda-linked militants launch a 2013 assault on a Nairobi shopping mall in which gunmen killed at least 67 people.

A third man who also faced charges under the country’s terrorism prevention act was acquitted on all charges.

The trial is the only prosecution Kenya has mounted so far over the attack by gunmen from the Somali militant group al Shabaab on Nairobi’s Westgate shopping mall, at the time seen as a symbol of the East African country’s growing prosperity.

It was the worst attack by Islamist militants in Kenya, apart from the al Qaeda bombing of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.

“The prosecution has proved its case against the accused on charges of conspiracy of committing a terrorism act and supporting a terrorist group,” Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi said as he

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Hollywood needs more roles for Latina women

Ana de Armas wants to see more roles for Latina women in Hollywood.

Ana de Armas et al. posing for a picture

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Ana de Armas

The 32-year-old actress stars as Paloma in the upcoming James Bond flick, ‘No Time To Die’, but has said she still finds it “very challenging” for women to “get a good part” in a movie.

Ana – who hails from Cuba – believes there’s even more disparity when it comes to Latina women, and wants to see “better roles” offered to more diverse actresses in the future.

She said: “It’s still very challenging for women in general to get a good part, there’s almost nothing … good roles for women, for Latina characters, are still so difficult to come by.

“I think we need to push for [better roles] … I think writers, directors, and producers and all the people who make those decisions and create those stories are realizing how

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