Fashion comes and goes in the outdoors and on the runways, and sometimes goes full circle

Men’s fashion might seem a strange subject for an outdoors column, but the changes I have seen over the years has brought this subject to my attention.

Let’s go way back — clear back to the outlaw Robin Hood of Nottingham. And let’s explore the present-day dude driving his airboat down the Maclaren River.

We don’t really know how Robin Hood dressed. He was cavorting in the English countryside 700 or 800 years ago, but statues and drawings depict him in a skirt and tights. Sometimes he carried a purse filled with the necessities needed to live in the woods.

Daniel Boone and Davy Crocket wore buckskins. They traveled and hunted in relatively warm country, so a layer of buckskin was enough. It kept the hunters of that day fairly dry, especially if they could get some stinky old bear grease rubbed in. They might have worn some of that

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