Newlyweds beat Delta to the altar in hurricane rushed wedding

ABBEVILLE, Louisiana (KTRK) — Twenty-four hours ahead of Hurricane Delta’s arrival, church bells rang out at 6 p.m. and a bride’s high heels clicked on the church’s front walk as she raced to get to her wedding.

Taylor Choate and Ian Gaspard picked Oct. 10 as their wedding day months ago. In a year when COVID-19 had re-scheduled so many events, they thought they would luck out. Then Hurricane Delta zeroed in on the small town they call home.

“We were supposed to get married Saturday with over 300 people,” Taylor to ABC13’s Ted Oberg outside Abbeville’s Saint Mary Magdalen Church. “We knew about the storm, but we were kind of like, eh, because it wasn’t supposed to be coming to us. Then all of a sudden it was supposed to come like right to us. So of course I got hysterical.”

It was a moment any bride can identify

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