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Margaret Ferrier ‘visited gym and salon’ on same day she got tested

MP Margaret Ferrier had a day out in town right after her coronavirus test (Picture: @MargaretFerrier)

An MP suffering from coronavirus symptoms visited a gift shop and a beauty salon on the same day she took a Covid test, which came back positive.

Margaret Ferrier also posted on Twitter suggesting she visited a leisure centre on the same day.

The Vanilla Salon and Sweet P Gift Boutique, in the MP’s constituency town of Rutherglen, near Glasgow, condemned her actions as ‘irresponsible’ and have been forced to reassure customers their shops are still safe to visit.

Ferrier has been suspended from the SNP after making a 400-mile trip to Westminster before getting her results back.

In photographs posted last Saturday, the MP can be seen posing with socially-distanced staff outside the South Lanarkshire Eastfield Lifestyle centre and next to an indoor swimming pool.

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