Second-Hand Clothing Market Bursting At Seams

Dwindling sales and mounting donations have spelled doom for the market for buying recycled clothing, Reuters reported.

Since the pandemic began in March, textile recyclers and exporters have had to cut rates amid lockdown measures restricting peoples’ movements as well as a slow-down in international shipping.

But the donations have become abundant, especially as people used their time in quarantine to clean out their residences of things they didn’t need. The donations have become so plentiful that some have had to turn them down. One of those, Antonio de Carvalho, boss of a textile recycling company in Stourbridge, central England, wrote in an email that he is “reaching the point where our warehouses are completely full,” Reuters reported.

Carvalho, who pays towns for clothing collected in donation bins and sells it at profit to traders overseas, said he’s seen the price he can

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