The Jewelry Secrets of Ryan Murphy’s Ratched

Sharon Stone et al. looking at the camera: With Sharon Stone dripping in diamonds and Sarah Paulson in understated pearls, the Netflix show Ratched sends strong messages about the power, or restraint, of jewelry.

With Sharon Stone dripping in diamonds and Sarah Paulson in understated pearls, the Netflix show Ratched sends strong messages about the power, or restraint, of jewelry.

Was it just me or did you also screenshot the gold tassel earrings Sharon Stone wears as Lenore Osgood in Ryan Murphy’s Ratched?

I could not immediately identify them the way I could some of Mrs. Osgood’s other incredible jewels in the Netflix series. Any character that lives at Dawnridge—the outrageously colorful, incredibly glamorous, and definitely wild estate Tony Duquette created high in Beverly Hills, and where Osgood lives in the show—would likely have one or two Duquette pieces in their collection.

And I spotted a few Duquette originals around Osgood’s neck, but I wondered: how in the carefully choreographed colors of a Murphy extravaganza did Duquette’s malachite and lapis and coral fit in? Co-costume designers Lou Eyrich &

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Ingeborg Van Lotringen Shares Her Expert Beauty Secrets

Quite literally, thousands of cosmetics have passed through my hands in my near quarter-century career as a beauty journalist, a rather large chunk of them being skincare.

Those pots and vials always interested me most, for the florid promises they made and, as I learned more and more about how they worked, for what they can really do for you if you know how to choose what works and leave out what doesn’t.

I’ve just published a book, Great Skin: secrets the beauty industry doesn’t tell you (Gibson Square, £12.99) that distils the brilliant stuff I was taught by the world’s biggest skincare brains, so you can understand once and for all how to make your skin the best it can possibly be. Here, I highlight some of the most essential (sk)insights I think everyone should take to heart. They will give you skin you will be proud of –

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Celebrity Esthetician Shani Darden Shares Her Personal Beauty Secrets

From Marie Claire

Shani Darden, esthetician to the stars and the founder of Shani Darden Skin Care, is certainly one to trust when it comes to all things beauty. In the latest episode of Masked and Answered, the skincare expert gives us the rundown on her morning and nighttime skincare routine, and shares what she does every day to get hydrating, youthful skin.

The skincare aficionado kicks off her masking session using IS Clinical’s Hydra Intensive Cooling Mask. Darden says she adores this mask because of its ultra hydrating and anti-inflammatory capabilities.

When it comes to her favorite at-home beauty ritual, Darden swears by a daily 20-minute LED light masking session. The esthetician uses the Déesse Pro Mask on the anti-aging setting to boost the collagen in her skin and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. “I use this all the time to keep myself young,” Darden proclaims in the video.

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Addison Rae’s Glowy Makeup Tutorial On ‘Vogue’ Beauty Secrets Is So Easy To Follow

Whether you’ve just downloaded TikTok or have been on the app since the beginning, you’ve definitely encountered Addison Rae Easterling’s bubbly dance edits. The 19 year-old has over 62 million followers and, with the launch of her new podcast and beauty brand, is showing she’s much more than a dancer. Now, beyond copying her dances, you can get even more of the TikTok star’s look. Addison Rae shared her glowy makeup routine with Vogue, and alongside lots of Item Beauty products, her tutorial mostly involves clean, natural brands and a simple look.

Like pretty much all skincare routines, Addison starts by washing her face, using Sonya Dakar’s Silver Clarifying Face Wash ($59, Sonya Dakar) before Drunk Elephant’s Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil ($40, Drunk Elephant). Then, she uses a jade crystal roller, similar to Ulta Beauty’s Rose Quartz Facial Roller ($20, Ulta Beauty), which promotes circulation that can make

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