Fashion Is Finally Catching Up to Marine Serre

The result was one of fashion’s most successful and sophisticated communiques of a designer’s vision, at a pivotal moment in Serre’s career. (Her moon print bodysuits had a starring role in Beyonce’s Black Is King, after all!) The website hosting the video is stylishly, intelligently designed, showing the lookbook images as the characters appear on film—a focus on detail and legibility that has been surprisingly rare in the industry’s digital offerings.

Courtesy of Marine Serre
Courtesy of Marine Serre

More broadly, Serre said she’s felt affirmed by the interest in her upcycled pieces, or what she calls regenerated garments—clothing made from the scraps of other, unused garments. “It’s a huge change. It’s almost day and night,” she said. “Two years ago, no one understood.” She released a fascinating series of videos showing how the pieces were made late in the spring. (Everyone and Virgil Abloh is upcycling now; it’s

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