Religious Services Minister attends wedding in violation of guidelines – Inside Israel

Minister of Religious Services Yaakov Avitan on Tuesday evening participated in a wedding in which dozens of people beyond what is permitted were in attendance, Channel 13 News reported.

According to the coronavirus guidelines, up to 20 people are allowed to participate in a wedding, but this particular event was attended by more than 60 people.

Minister Avitan arrived at the venue long before the start of the wedding, attended the chuppah ceremony and chose to remain at the wedding despite the fact that he saw that the number of participants exceeded what is permitted.

Shas chairman Minister Aryeh Deri responded to the report and said, “I have just heard about the wedding that Religious Services Minister Rabbi Yaakov Avitan attended. This is a serious matter.”

“I reprimanded Avitan for violating the guidelines. The law is equal for everyone. The members of the government are obliged to keep all the

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Religious Services Minister Avitan conducts wedding with 60 guests

Religious Services Minister Ya’akov Avitan conducted a wedding Tuesday night with some 60 guests in attendance, in violation of the government’s COVID-19 regulations for the current lockdown. At a wedding in Gan Yavne, Avitan first met with the groom and his family in their home to sign the marriage certificate, and then conducted the wedding itself in front of dozens of guests, Channel 13 News reported.Current government regulations stipulate that no more than 20 people can be present at a wedding, while visiting a private home is under certain circumstances also a violation of the regulations. Avitan apologized for participating in the wedding after the incident was exposed, saying he had been there only for 15 minutes but that “I made an error in judgement and I express my remorse for it.”Shas chairman and Interior Minister Arye Deri described the incident as “severe” and said he had spoken with and
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Lutheran Family Services to start scholarship fund with $3M gift | Thanks for Giving

He added, “She was our inspiration. So, we’ve been doing things to support refugees, because it looks to me like there are a lot of people in the same situation – from low-income and minority families who have academic abilities and great potential.”

LFS Chief Development Officer Mark Versen said, “It is not every day you get to make a philanthropic dream come true to this magnitude. LFS is grateful to partner with the Smiths to give the same opportunity to succeed to high school graduates and their families across the state.”

Coyner said that he and Donna are excited to see the scholarship program grow. They would like to increase the number of recipients to 10-20 per year until the program sunsets.

“We really feel good about doing this,” he said. “We don’t have too much longer to live, and we can leave something behind. We hope it is

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Mack Trucks delivers Mack LR Electric model to Republic Services to begin real-world trials

GÖTEBORG, Sweden, Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Volvo Group’s subsidiary Mack Trucks has delivered a pre-production Mack LR Electric model to Republic Services to begin in-service trials in the demanding refuse segment. Mack will use key learnings from the trials to further refine the LR Electric as it prepares to accept orders for the truck in Q4 2020, with production beginning in 2021. Mack and Republic made the announcement during a virtual press event at Mack World Headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA.

Mack Trucks is extremely pleased that Republic’s very first fully electric refuse vehicle is the Mack LR Electric,” said Jonathan Randall, Mack Trucks senior vice president of North American sales and commercial operations. “The LR Electric offers numerous benefits, including zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and quieter operation, and we look forward to partnering with Republic to meet their business needs through this

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